Can I order products directly from Norwood?
Norwood sells products through Promotional Products Distributors - including "Need it Now" products.
How do I find a Promotional Products Distributor in my area?
Unfortunately, Norwood cannot recommend distributors to prospective end customers. However, in many cases, end customers can find a local Distributor by using a search engine. For example: Open your favorite search engine and type "Promotional Products Distributors" and the name of your City and State.
How do I become a Norwood Distributor?
Contact customer support with company name and billing information and a representative will contact you with further instructions.
How do I log into the website?
Only Norwood distributors can register for access to distributor only features of the Norwood website. If you are a current Norwood distributor, click on the register link from the home page and complete the form. Once you have successfully registered, you will be able to access distributor only features. Simply type in your user name and password on the homepage to access these features.
Why should I register for an account?
Distributors who register/create an account will have access to distributor only features and information such as Virtual Spec Samples, Artwork Upload, Order Status information, order Catalogs and Flyers, access the Safety Search database and much more. The tools that we create to help our distributors reach their customers are nto available to the public so we keep them on the Distributor side of our site.
Can I access distributor features on both and
Norwood actively promotes the Norwood Canada website to Canadian distributors in order to provide Canada specific information, product availability, features and pricing. Distributors who access both sites may source product data and inadvertently send product and pricing information to a potential customer in the wrong currency or with incorrect product/shipping information. Therefore it is important as a Canadian distributor to work with the new Norwood Canada website for sourcing and marketing of Norwood products.
Why wouldn't my User ID be active?
Your User ID may not be active if: 1) you are not a promotional products distributor, 2) you have not yet set up an account with us, 3) you registered online prior to receiving your Norwood account number, or 4) you have not logged in to for a year or more.
Can I use my user name and password to access the website?
If you are unable to login to with credentials, it is likely you are still set up as a US distributor. Contact customer support and provide your Norwood account number, name and contact information.
How do I change my account to a account?
Contact customer support and provide your Norwood account number, name and contact information.
What is Safety Search?
Safety Search™ is the industry's first online resource for product safety test reporting. These reports are exclusive to Norwood, offering only our registered distributors access to this information. No other supplier currently offers this level of product safety information to their customers. Please contact your Promotional Products Distributor should you require one of these reports.