1. Norwood prequalifies all proposed products before they are launched using 3rd party testing according to, at a minimum, the strictest standards of the markets in which the products are to be sold. Products sold just in the US and Canada are tested to the strictest applicable standards of the US and Canada. Products sold just in Europe are tested to the strictest applicable standards of the European Community. Products sold in the US, Canada and Europe are tested to the strictest applicable standards of the US, Canada and the European Community. Many of Norwood’s products meet these combined international standards.
  2. Norwood considers products that change suppliers to be new products and will conduct prequalification testing of these products prior to moving production to a new supplier.
  3. Norwood considers products that are redesigned or have changes in material or other components to be new products and will conduct prequalification testing of these products prior to making the design, material or component change.
  4. Norwood tests all of its imprint inks to confirm that they meet all US, Canada and European Community standards for lead, mercury, cadmium, antimony, arsenic, barium, chromium, selenium, aluminum, boron, cobalt, copper, manganese, nickel, strontium, tin, organotins and zinc.
  5. Norwood retests all of its Child Product (designed or intended primarily for use by children 12 and under) annually to ensure compliance with CPSIA and other applicable standards.
  6. Norwood retests, as a general rule, all of its non-Child Products every 2 years (or sooner if the supplier, design or components change).
  7. Norwood products do not require California Proposition 65 warnings except for lead crystal shipping into California. The FDA has determined that lead crystal is acceptable for food and drink contact. However, the State of California requires a warning.
  8. Norwood’s plastic food and drink contact products are prequalified to be BPA free prior to launch.
  9. Norwood posts its test reports on Safety Search, Norwood’s exclusive library or product test reports located on www.norwood.com. A limited number or products purchased from Nike, Titleist, Wilson and other major brands are not tested in addition to the testing conducted by these major international companies.
  10. Norwood has developed a detailed set of standards and procedures for use with suppliers in obtaining supplier guarantees prior to product launch and for use in training our suppliers.
  11. Norwood tests its products and imprint inks primarily with SGS, an accredited lab that is recognized as one of the most sophisticated and reliable 3rd party labs in the world. Products are typically tested in the country of origin prior to initial production to prevent any non-conforming products from being accidentally included in Norwood inventory.
  12. Norwood posts its GCCs at www.norwood.com/cpsia. GCCs are required for all Child Products and for a select group of non-Child Products.
  13. Norwood has offices in Hong Kong and mainland China with approximately 65 employees. These employees together with SGS train Norwood suppliers on compliance with current US, Canada and European Community standards.
  14. Norwood’s Asian offices regularly inspect Norwood suppliers in the region for social compliance, production capacity and adherence to product safety standards.